Rediscovering the Path of Chinese Railroad Workers

On the 15th and 16th of July, 2017, the U.S. – China Railroad Friendship Association and the Chinese Railroad Worker Memorial Project team will sponsor an educational tour “Rediscovering the Path of Chinese Railroad Workers”.

On July 15th, the tour will depart from Sacramento.  You will join a group and travel by bus on I-80 East, towards Reno, Nevada.  Along the way are many historical points related to the life and achievements of the Chinese railroad workers during the years 1865 – 1869.  You will stay one night in Harrah’s Hotel in Reno.  Following your stay in Reno, on July 16th, the tour will board an AMTRAK train to ride the rails through the scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains, which feature a variety of tunnels built by the Chinese railroad workers.  On board this train will be local author and historian, Mr. Bill George and, former Auburn Mayor and Placer County Historical Society member, Mr. Mike Holmes who will provide informational facts and will point out historical landmarks on the way back to Sacramento.

Chinese Railroad Worker Memorial Monument is a People’s Choice Winner.  One other important guest will be Art Professor Xuejun Yang.  Mr. Yang will gain more knowledge and understanding of the plight of the Chinese railroad workers as he finalizes his design and cast of this important tribute to our Great Grandfathers.  The Chinese Railroad Worker Memorial Monument is anticipated to be completed at the Gold Run Rest Stop in the Fall of 2018.

You are invited to join us on this informational and educational tour back to Gold Mountain and rediscover the path of the Chinese Railroad Workers.  An important milestone in the region’s history and best experienced in an intimate setting such as this.